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Session Prep

First and foremost, thank you so much for trusting me to capture this exciting time for you! I cannot wait for your upcoming newborn session and to meet your new addition! In this prep guide you will find some tips on how to prepare for your session. Photographing newborns can be unpredictable because every baby is so different. These tips will help our session go as smoothly as possible, see you soon!

Baby Prep

Newborn sessions go smoothest when the baby is nice and sleepy, however we will follow the baby's lead and go with the flow! Please plan to feed baby right before your session. If you live more than 30 minutes from the studio I suggest that you just feed them on arrival. Plan to bring a couple extra feedings just in case. Nursing or bottle feeding is perfectly fine we just want to keep baby full, sleepy, and happy during the session! You can also try keeping them awake for awhile before the session that way once they eat they'll be ready to go right to sleep.

If possible please bring a pacifier, I will be needing to soothe baby so it helps me get them into certain poses! I understand if you've been holding off on the paci to avoid nipple confusion but it really shouldn't affect that just using it for the session. However, I will certainly respect your decision either way and make it work!

Dress baby in a loose sleeper before the session. Preferably something that doesn't have to go over the head so we can disturb the baby as little as possible! I keep my sutdio warm to help baby stay nice and cozy. If I am coming to your home try not to have it too cold in your house as well. 

Family Prep

Newborn sessions typically take 2-3 hours so if you have other small children that will be included in the session we will usually do the family shots first so dad and siblings can leave or I also have a tv and toys so they are more than welcome to stay as well.  

I also have drinks and snacks that you're more than welcome to during your session!

I provide all wraps, props, and outfits for baby so no need to worry about that! For family wardrobe I recommend that all family members wear a neutral color palette for a timeless look. You do not need to match exactly, coordinating neutrals are best. I also have a client closet of dresses for mom and some outfits for small children so if you are interested in that here is the link to the choices!  Client Closet  I want you to love your images and a large part of great photos is the wardrobe so don't hesitate to reach out if you need help styling your family!

Thank you so much for taking the time to get prepared for your session! If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask. I am so excited to work with your family!

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